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The Visio CCTV Document Magnifier

An aid for people with Low Vision or poor sight

The Visio.  

An image of the Visio showing a colour picture of a building with a girl in front



   A New and sleek, exciting CCTV Document Magnifier 



The Visio has cool long lasting LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, a smooth moveable table, and an uncluttered simple control panel.

                                                        An image of the Visio control panel showing the buttons and knob

The Visio Control Panel

A button for ON-Off, followed by a button that toggles AutoFocus ON, or Autofocus OFF, an IMAGE Optimiser button, that has five settings altering contrast and brightness to give the best colour or black and white image of any document,  a knob to increase or decrease magnification, a button for FULL COLOUR, a button the change to BLACK ON WHITE or WHITE on BLACK, and finally a button that selects a whole range of foreground and background colours e.g. Yellow on Black, Green on Black, Yellow on Blue, etc.

Also Visio's flat screen 17' or 19" monitor can be tilted for viewing comfort and the moveable table can be locked for handwriting.

The Visio is an exciting 'easy to use' and 'easy to understand' sleek video magnifier for people with low vision!


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