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Braille translation software converts word-processor text to formatted Braille code, which can then be printed as Braille on a suitable embosser. Optek Systems can provide the Duxbury Braille Translator or WinBraille (with Index Embossers).

Many times the text is scanned, recognised by optical recognition software, and then translated into Braille, making the process quick and easy.

was the first Braille translator, and still is the industry standard for Braille Translation Software and is used across the World in Braille production houses and other institutions to produce large volumes of accurate Braille.

Duxbury is used by the majority of the organisations and education departments that create Braille throughout Australia.

Duxbury can be used directly from MSWord, translating the word document into Braille and then sending it to an appropriate embosser.

Duxbury is compatible with translation using the UEBC rules.

Optek Systems has for many years been involved with Duxbury, evaluating each version of the software, testing it in the field and feeding back suggested improvements.

For further information about Duxbury, check out their home page Duxbury Site




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