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Portable Distance and Document Magnifier











- Continuous zoom magnification to 50x or more with contrast enhancement

- Suitable for distance tasks such as viewing a whiteboard or presentations

- Great for near viewing tasks like reading, hobbies, crafts or games

- Easily connects to any Windows7 or Windows8 laptop or tablet

- Integrated tablet support

- Freeze, save and retrieve images

- Exceptionally intuitive user interface, especially for touch-screen users!

- Folds to only  27105cm (10.741.8) for easy transport

- Self contained 10 hour battery

- Includes charger, cables, Scene Eye 500 software, large print user manual and carrying case.


The Scene Eye 500 Camera has its own built in re-chargeable batteries, and can also operate on power and charge whilst it is being used.

A lightweight system that can be carried with you and used wherever or whenever you need it. The camera turns, swivels, tilts and can be so easily pointed at whatever you need to see clearly. Ideal for reading, writing, and hobbies etc.

The Scene Eye 500 Camera can view and magnify documents or close items,

and view and magnify across the room to a whiteboard or an item of interest.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of the Scene Eye 500

CLICK HERE to see a Scene Eye 500 Pamphlet in .pdf Format

Tip:- 'If you want to take a longer look at the Scene Eye 500 pamphlet, click on the image of the manual and you should see a small Adobe panel, which you can use to Save or Print the pamphlet'


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