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ReadDesk   and   ReadDesk Plus           

ALL OF YOUR TEXT IS JUST ONE CLICK AWAYAn image of the ReadDesk camera

ReadDesk is a simple scanning, reading and magnifying device with all of the features needed to make reading easy. It has instant text to speech capabilities, NO Waiting - No Delay!

Additionally ReadDesk acts as a magnifier enlarging the print to the size that you can read easily in the manner you find most restful.

Lightweight, only just over one kilo (1.5 lb), ReadDesk is small and folds easily into a laptop bag. It is one of the smallest, and most affordable OCR products on the market. ReadDesk makes daily reading a joy. Scan, read, magnify, save and listen to any printed material in a natural sounding voice. Connect by the supplied USB cable to a laptop/desktop computer and view magnified text with crystal clear fonts.                   

An image of the ReadDesk camera with a page beneath it        Features :-

           - Captures, magnifies and reads entire page
           - Change text colour to suit your need
           - Crystal clear f nt at any zoom level
           - Simple to set up and use




* ReadDesk Plus comes with the capability to convert your printed text into pdf or MP3 files. Allowing you easy access anytime, anywhere.

So Easy to Use!!

With AutoStart, or just a click on the top right button, ReadDesk will immediately scan and recognise the text and speak it and magnify it!


                        Talking Menu

ReadDesk has a talking menu. Magnify the menu to your preferred size


Reading and Magnification

Start reading from any paragraph on the page.

Skip forward, rewind back, or just pause and view crystal clear text magnified.


Colour Enhancement

Don't like the glare from a white background ? Colour Blind?

ReadDesk can manipulate

the colours on the screen in so many ways so that it doesn't strain your eyes and is more comfortable.


Original View retains the original image. You can read forward,

rewind and magnify in this view. You will see the original fonts

etc. displayed with the word in focus and being spoken outlined.


Redrawn View replaces the original document view with digital text.

Giving smooth crystal clear text that is easy to recognise, and can be magnified to your requirements
Wrapped View displays the digital text  that has been reformatted to display

on the full width of the screen making reading easier and faster. Just Scan Up and Down!





Advanced Features

ReadDesk Plus saves  printed material in the form of a PDF file.

This allows the user to access these files using any other program.

Also the ReadDesk Plus files can be saved in an MP3 form enabling the user to listen to the files (books) at any time and anywhere with an MP3 portable player!

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