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Poet Compact 2 and Poet Compact 2+ Print Scanning and Speaking Readers

Imagine having any book you chose from the Library read out loud to you, not just those pre-recorded in “Talking Book” catalogues?  Or any piece of your private correspondence*.

The new POET COMPACT 2+ is an easy-to-use speaking device that takes printed materials such as books, newspapers, mail, magazines, recipes, printed prescriptions and so on and speaks them out loud with a superbly clear human-like voice, in addition the NEW Poet has a CD Drive that can read a number of different format CD's, even Daisy format. 

The POET Compact 2+ is designed to bring independent reading back to people whose vision is too limited to be assisted by CCTV magnifiers, or those who prefer the “talking book” format.  

There is a wide selection of voices that can read your correspondence to you, natural sounding English, American, and now even male and female Australian accents. Poet Compact 2+ also has facilities for connecting with USB memory sticks, or even with USB MP3 players so that the text that you have scanned can be listened to wherever you are. 


An image of a man with the Poet Compact 2 Plus

The New Poet Compact 2+


The Poet Compact 2 is the basic model with only 2 buttons.

With the first button it scans and recognizes texts quicklyan image of the Poet compact 2
with a high-quality speech output. The second button
is the pause button and stops and starts the speech
immediately. The control knobs are used to adjust the
volume and reading speed to your preference even when
Poet is running. All controls are located in an aesthetically
pleasing position on the front panel.

The Poet Compact 2+
is a model for more advanced users who prefer more
features. This model has a front panel that offers more
controls and possibilities. The POET is Convenient.

 The POET is Intelligent

 Don’t worry if you put the reading material in “back to front” by mistake - the POET automatically works out which way round it should be!  The POET also takes care of complicated layouts like columns and tables of information.  It copes with even very tiny print and small figures.  The POET makes sense of different font styles, even white on black, and coloured print - the POET works it all out for you, automatically.

 The Poet Is Now A Tool For Deaf-Blind People.    An image of the Poet with a Braille Display connected to it   

Now people with Vision Impairment and a Hearing Impairment can also use the Poet!

The VarioConnect  refreshable Braille Displays that is also manufactured by Baum Elektronik,

(the manufacturers of the Poet Compact) and this can now be directly connected to the Poet.

The Braille Display echoes all of the words that are spoken by the Poet, including its command phrases.

The Poet can be controlled either with it’s own simple buttons, or with the buttons of the VarioConnect Braille display,

for the convenience of the Braille reader.

At last a simple scanning system is available for people with the multiple disabilities of vision and hearing impairment, that gives independent access to print!

        Phone 02 96 800 600      Fax 02 96 800 611        Mobile 0409 228 941         email opteksystems@bigpond.com

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