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Looky HD (Touch)

Portable Magnifier, Lightweight with the Brightest Image, Near & Far Viewing and many MORE Important and Useful Facilities!              

The Looky HD (Touch) is an exciting NEW addition to the Optek Systems range of video magnifiers from Rehan Electronics, portable with a 5" HIGH DEFINITION screen that is vibrantly bright and colourful, yet with the options of selecting from numerous other colour schemes. (white on black, black on white, green on black, blue on white, etc., 12 different viewing modes in all.)

An image of the Looky Hd with a green screen with black writing, and the magnification feature being used.

Looky HD has a 'touch screen' that offers the user simple on-screen gesture controls, e.g. just slide your finger up or down at the side of the screen and the magnification will adjust - up or down!

LOOKY HD can also zoom for viewing at a distance, OR you can zoom afar, then freeze the image, move the image around on-screen and magnify just the portion of the image that you need to see clearly. An image of the looky HD with a parrot shown on the screen in full colour


LOOKY HD has a handle that can be moved into many positions, OR it can be removed and a second handle attached!

The benefit that this offers is that the battery is inside the handle so that the user can extend the battery life with a second handle!

An image of the Looky HD with the handle in the psoition to hold as a magnifier.









Looky HD's handle can also be folded flat to provide a useful stand that can be used for hands-free reading, or for writing! There are also many screens that become available, at a touch on the screen, that indicate colours, battery state, audible clues, adjustable brightness etc.

An image of Looky HD with the handle folded for writing

An image of the Looky HD showing a black and white screen with the audible clues icon showing/









If an image is out of focus, just simply tap the screen and Looky HD will bring the image to crystal focused clarity.


Click HERE to see an instructional video about Looky HD


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