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The i-See ED CCTV - Video Magnifier.               

The i-See ED is an Enhanced Definition video magnifier offering the user stunning picture quality, combined with an array of options and stylish ergonomic design, at an affordable price.

i-See Ed has a 22" TFT panel monitor that can be An image of the i-See Ed with a coloured picture of a flower on the screenadjusted up or down, and also tilted for optimum viewing and reading and writing comfort.

This is a sturdy, device, manufactured from steel, NOT plastic! 

Including the brilliant colour images, the i-See Ed offers the user, 3 viewing modes, Greyscale, Realistic, and High Saturation.

Also on offer is up to 10 high contrast modes, black on white : white on black : black on green : green on black : black on yellow : yellow on black : blue on yellow : yellow on blue : black on red and red on black.

Magnification of approximately 3x to 68x enables the user to read virtually any text with comfort. The moveable table moving from left to right and backwards and forwards can be locked in position, or used completely freely, or with a little friction to assist the user to keep horizontal movement steady.

Manufactured in Ireland, by Rehan Electronics Ltd, a company with a long reputation for manufacturing high quality medical devices the i-See ED is strong on features and usability and reliability.

An image of the i-See ED control panel, showing the buttons and the descriptive icons on them

The control panel of the i-See Ed is simple to understand and operate, situated at the front of the i-See Ed just below the TFT panel it has a large button in the centre which when pressed zooms in and enlarges the print, a small button just below it that zooms out and reduces the magnification. On the far left is a button that when clicked changes from the coloured viewing modes to the high contrast reading modes and to the right is the brightness control button and on the far right is the button that enables the reading lines, horizontal and vertical, and the blanking controls to be seen on screen and positioned.

A most flexible reading aid designed for people with low vision that is simple and intuitive to use.

A great product at an amazing price!

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