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i-Reader (the new Reading Machine that speaks!)          

ALL OF YOUR Reading can now be SPOKENAn image of i-Reader with the camera exdtended in the reading position for You

i-Reader is so simple to use, just place your book or paper on the machine, line it up with the raised guides, tap the READ button, and in just a few seconds, everything will be read out to you. You can choose the volume, the speed at which i-Reader speaks, the VOICE or even the LANGUAGE for the document that you wish to read!

Lightweight and compact, i-Reader comes with its own stylish carry case, so you can take i-Reader with you and read wherever you need or want to.

i-Reader's camera folds down and fits securely into its recessed holder making it a light, neat, small, and stylish package to transport. The carry case also cAn image of the i-Reader with the camera folded down for transportontains the supplied headphones that can be used for privacy when reading, or you can listen with the in-built speaker.

i-Reader's controls are so easy and intuitive, one knob for volume, and another knob to adjust at what speed  i-Reader will speak. The 'Read' button tells i-Reader to read the document, and then there are four other buttons arranged in a cross formation, one that takes the speech back a word, one takes the speech back a sentence, one to go forward a word and one to go forward a sentence. It really is that SIMPLE!

An image of the front of the i-Reader showing the controls

It is also possible for i-Reader to speedily recognise a document (only two or three seconds for both pages of a paper back book) and save it, so that the text can be listened to conveniently at a later time.

Additionally there are low-cost options for those people who still sometimes prefer to read visually. If you wish you can attach a computer screen and/or a computer keyboard, and/or a computer mouse to i-Reader, and if you do so then you will have access to i-Reader's additional **magnification features** available to you. With the options connected you can read along visually as i-Reader speaks the text that it has recognised, or just stop the speech and scroll visually through the magnified text.

The connections for these items are at the rear of i-Reader and once the items are 'plugged in' i-Reader will recognise them and they will function without any further instructions.

i-Reader's **magnification features** include. a range of magnifications, with bright clear smooth fonts at all magnifications, a range of selectable foreground and background colours, and also various views of the text. All of these features can be selected with the click of the mouse, or the press of an intuitive key on the keyboard. 'Control with simplicity.'

An image of the i-Reader connected with a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse

i-Reader "Your personal access to stress-free READING"

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