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an image of esys12 showing the front panel, Braille cells and keyboardESYS12

Esys12 is a portable 12 cells Braille display with integrated Braille keyboard.

Multi functions and with reduced SIZE, it has a slot for a mini SD card to save text files becoming a useful note-taker.

You can get Esys12 to complete your IT equipment. Thanks to Bluetooth technologies and to specific software, it can be connected to a mobile phone or PDA.

Its 10 keys Braille keyboard, (Braille input keys 1 to 8 plus two space bar keys) give you the possibility to reproduce all the standard key combinations, both for typing and navigation.

You will be able to totally control your mobile phone, your PDA or your personal computer.

Try how simple is to write and read sms with Esys12 and become sms addicted!

Esys12 enables independence, having applications inbuilt that you can use without connecting Esys12 to anything else! An alarm, a Notepad, a Diary etc., 'on the Go' and portable!

an image of esys12 showing the front panel

              an image of esys12 showing the right side


Use the two joysticks to easily browse mobile phone or Microsoft Windows menus.

Use the two navigation wheels to explore the screen with Braille display.

Thank to its auto sleep mode, its battery life will allows you several days of independence.

Esys12 is easy and intuitive to use, with elegant styling, and an ergonomic control system. Lightweight and convenient it will travel with you always.


an image of esys12 showing the left side.  
Inbuilt Applications
  • BLUETOOTH: to connect your Esys12 to any mobile phone, pocket PC and personal computer equipped with Bluetooth adaptor. In Bluetooth main menu you will be able to check connection parameters, edit device name and pin code.
  • USB: to connect your Esys12 to any personal computer with an USB port and a screen reader on board. Activate the USB mode for first connection. Be sure that in your remote device a specific driver is installed. Browse your mini SDCard as a removable disk.
  • NOTEPAD: to create and edit simple text files. You will have several base functions, such as “find and replace” or 'tag'. You will be able to save your document and to organize a Fat compliant tree folder structure. Use the “read only” function to read a book or big documents that you don’t want to edit.
  • CALCULATOR: to execute simple calculation and value conversion. Use the memory functions to store your results.
  • ALARM CLOCK: to set up different alarms for each day of the week.
  • AGENDA/DIARY: to set up meetings and post it. Check your planning on a weekly overview, select the date or the event you want to edit. All the information will be saved in a txt file which you will be able to transfer to your computer.
  • TOOLS: to check the correct operation of your Esys12, test battery, keyboard and Braille cells status, select additional language for software interface, update software to the latest version.

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Esys12 Compatibility

  • Mobile Speak
  • Mobile Speak pocket
  • Talks
  • Pocket Hal
  • Jaws for Windows
  • Supernova
  • Window Eyes
  • Compatible Linux

Esys12 Technical features

  • 12 Braille cells
  • 12 Cursors routing
  • 10 keys Braille keyboard
  • 2 Navigation joysticks
  • 2 Navigation wheels
  • Mini USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Mini SD CARD slot
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 20 hours autonomy
  • Power supply (5,7V)
  • Light carry case
  • Size: 14,5cm x 8,6cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 200gr



        Phone 02 96 800 600     Mobile 0409 228 941         email opteksystems@bigpond.com

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