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Braille Embossers           

Our Braille products include Embossers (see below), and 

Braille Translators, and Electronic Braille Displays

Optek Systems has provided Braille Production equipment for many years to individuals and the major Braille production and transcription facilities in Australia. 


We have a wide range of quality embossers to meet different Braille production requirements. 

All of our embossers are sturdy and reliable with clear, well formed dots.  All are capable of producing multiple copies from internal memory which means that your computer is not tied up after the first copy has been printed.  The Everest D, and Basic-D can have double sided (interpoint) output, which halves the amount of paper required to produce Braille volumes. 

The difference between each embosser is primarily one of speed of dot production (characters per second  CPS, or pages per hour PPH) and method of paper feed - cut sheet or tractor feed. 

Most embossers are tractor feed and can use fan-fold paper of varying weights. 

The Everest is a cut sheet embosser and can take varying weights and widths of paper (up to A3). 

All our embossers can be used by blind or sighted people and have digitised speech that speak menus and settings and Braille labeling on the buttons.


Embosser CPS PPH Paper Feed
Basic D 88 340 tractor
Everest D 88 340 sheet
An image of the Everest D Braille Embosser Index Everest D



An image of the Basic D Braille Embosser

 Basic D



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