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The VarioConnect Range of Braille Displays        

The three members of the VarioConnect family can all connect with Computers, Mobile Phones, PDA's etc.

VarioConnect 40, 32, and 24 have full Braille Keyboards, and USB and Bluetooth connection.

VarioConnect is manufactured by Baum Elektronik in Germany.

An image of the VarioConnect 40


-The VarioConnect 40 (The 24 & 32 Models are identical except for the number of Braille Cells)


All VarioConnect models are compatible with most screen readers, including Jaws.




VarioConnect 24: 24 Braille cells - 8-dot Braille keyboard, fits your pocket;
VarioConnect 32: 32 Braille cells - 8-dot Braille keyboard, fits sub-notebooks;
VarioConnect 40: 40 Braille cells - 8-dot Braille keyboard, fits notebooks, Reading Machines, regular PC's, etc.

All VarioConnects have in common:
Three keys on each side of the Braille display - designed for various functions and optimal use in different screen reader software; Navi-stick;
Left and right two space keys;
Four (4) System keys totally left and totally right.

Interfaces: BlueTooth and USB (VarioConnect 12: BlueTooth only)
Power supply: either through built-in battery power, through USB or external supply unit (VarioConnect 12: only through built-in battery power or external supply unit - no USB).
Battery running times:
Battery running time Bluetooth connection: approx. 20 hours
Battery running time USB connection: approx. 100 hours! (not on VarioConnect 12)

VarioConnect 24: 215mm x 86mm x 18 (h) mm and approx. 420 grams
VarioConnect 32: 259mm x 86mm x 18 (h) mm and approx. 500 grams
VarioConnect 40: 310mm x 86mm x 18 (h) mm and approx. 600 grams


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