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"Optek Systems is registered to provide supports for National Disability Insurance Scheme participants"

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The VisioBook       

The foldable desktop magnifier - Magnify your reading materials where ever you want!

Lightweight : Rechargeable batteries : Folds down to a book size! Use it from battery or power.

Full colour High Definition Camera, with close up, distance, and personal viewing.

The VisioBook  Click Here for more information

Document Magnifiers    

 Independent reading and writing devices for people with low vision. Enabling vision impaired people to access  independently personal mail , office documents, stocks, cheques, birthday cards, horoscopes, crossword puzzles, hobbies etc.

These easy to use devices are ideal for people suffering from macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy etc. The wide variety of devices that are available enable individuals to select the most appropriate one for their needs.





i-See ED more information


i-READER more information


The Visio more information

Portable Document Magnifiers    

Portable, Battery and mains  powered, portable reading and writing devices for people with low vision.  





Portable Reading and Writing Devices                Click here for more information.

An image of the SceneEye 500 camera system

Hand Held Portable Magnifiers

Extremely convenient magnifying systems that can be used for reading and writing while you are 'on the go' the Looky magnifiers are lightweight and stylish. Currently available are the Looky 4, Looky 4 Plus, and the Looky HD Touch.




Looky HD (Touch) more information

Looky 4 Plus and Looky 4 more information


The NEW 'text to speech' Reading Machine that talks and is portable, with so many extras AND is so simple and easy to use!

Two models, Mains and Battery powered for portability that lets you read whenever and wherever you want to!

Just put your book or page on it and you will be hearing, and seeing magnified, the contents in 'NO TIME"





A new lightweight, only just over a kilo in weight, scanning reading and magnification system that connects with any windows computer, and has so many features in such a small package, it's difficult to think of anyone who would not want, need, and benefit from it!   For portable use or at home or at work.

The ReadDesk Click Here for more information

An image of the ReadDesk camera with a page beneath it


A portable lightweight lighting solution designed specifically for vision impaired people   (NEW)

The i-Lite portable solution             Click Here for more information


 An Orientation and Mobility device for blind and vision impaired people, that incorporates ultrasonic sensors, with a Long Cane, indicating to the user the presence of obstacles in front of them, and most importantly  also head height obstacles!

The user is able to perceive and avoid the obstacles by signals given by two vibrating 'tactors' in the handle of the cane. The rate of the vibration indicating how far the obstacle is away from the user, enabling easy obstacle avoidance.

The UltraCane Click Here for more information


Print scanning speaking system for the vision impaired.

Simply place a document, book, newspaper, magazine etc., on the Poet and it will be read to you out loud by a human sounding voice. (All books become talking books!)  NO Computer skills are necessary!

POET                 Click Here for more information


Scientific Calculators for people who are Vision Impaired

Large Print Display Scientific Calculator (Sci-Plus 2200)

Large Print and 'Talking' Scientific Calculator (Sci-Plus 2300)

The NEW Graphing Calculator Sci-Plus 2500

Sci-Plus Scientific Calculators   CLICK HERE

Braille Embossers
Braille Embossers (Braille Printers ) for producing 'paper' Braille from computers.


An image of the Everest D Braille Embosser

Braille Displays

Braille Displays for computers, telephones, PDA's etc. A Braille equivalent to the computer screen! They connect with a computer, or can function as a stand-alone notetaker.

Esys12 highly portable with 'stand-alone' applications and connectivity.

VarioConnect Models

Esys 12 Model

The NEW VarioULTRA Braille Display


VarioConnect Range of Braille Displays

Esys12 Braille Display               Click Here

An image of the VarioUltra Braille display

Braille Music Translation Software 

Toccata fully featured Braille music translator. Simple and fast to use.

Toccata             Click Here

An image of the Toccata logo, and the word Toccata, with Braille symbols beneath it

Low Vision Music Playback software  

Stand-Alone or use with Toccata for low vision Braille Music Transcribers.

Magni-CCata         Click Here


Braille Translation Software  

Translate standard text and Word files to Braille to create 'paper' Braille.

Translators     Click Here for more information


Mobile Phone Access 

Speech, Magnification and Braille Access to Mobile Phones and Read 'Daisy' talking books with your mobile phone.


Now AVAILABLE, Mobile Geo, (the satellite navigation system for the vision impaired, your locations, and points of interest and routes to your destination all spoken out loud!)

Mobile Speak

Mobile Magnifier

Mobile Phone Braille

Mobile Daisy Books

Mobile Geo

An image of a blackberry phone


Organisations and companies that are involved with assisting those with vision impairment and blindness

LINKS                         Click Here

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This Web Site can be accessed by blind people using speech or Braille.


"Optek Systems is registered to provide supports for National Disability Insurance Scheme participants"


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